How to Increase Your Commercial Property Value

March 27, 2023

Covered Call Strategy


Staying connected and having a reliable internet access is vitally important in the 21st century. Employees are working from home and need to be able to access technology in the office, and almost every aspect of running a business requires an internet connection to keep running. Broadband allows offices to stay connected with remote partners via video calls, presentations, real-time editing on multimedia projects, etc. Retailers, hospitality services, and on-site establishments need connectivity to power credit card terminals, monitor security systems, and control the temperature of the environment, among many such functions. Therefore, broadband connectivity is a top feature required in commercial property.


Keeping the roof in good condition should be a priority; not only to maintain property value, but also to protect the building and all your investments inside it . Neglect can lead to serious harm, so watch your roofs!


Energy-efficient windows improve value by keeping cooling and heating costs down. In addition to financial savings, they can protect your business from harmful UV rays, reduce condensation, provide noise protection & pollution, energy discounts & tax incentives, and finally less maintenance over time. On top of all that, windows are also an aesthetic feature!


While not the most exciting way to spend money, parking can be a valuable perk. In the St. Louis area, parking can cost anywhere between $15 to $30 for the first two hours; not to mention it can be impossible to find in the city. Therefore, providing employees and customers with parking spaces is one surefire way to up a property’s value, while also doubling as a passive income option if you choose to open it up to the public.

While these things are a great way to increase your property value, they will also allow you to charge more per tenant lease! At Realty Exchange, our Commercial Investment Specialists will work with you to help you get the most value out of your property as possible. They are also highly knowledgeable and able to offer sound advice.

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